Feb 12, 2014 - DH82:

Salvaged what I could of this shit. See if Ryan will do anything with it.

Jun 22, 2012 - TPG:

Well, still recording like crazy. DZ Ray and Dot Com wont be recording for a while. DZ Ray, next month but Dot Com possibly never again... Not because of Eye 2 Eye but because of other reasons. The new artists profiles along with bio information being updated for the rest of the team, will hands down be by the end of the weekend. Thank you for your patience.

The Artist music video is set to go up on the Eye 2 Eye Radio on wed, along with a new track from yours truly AND Nights filled with gun shots will be up sometime this weekend. We've got a lot in the works right now to say the least guys. Seriously.

The photo galleries have been uploaded! More soon to come. Finally getting a look at the merchandise thats being pressed as of next week AND new photoshoot picture galleries!

The July 8th show with The Pedicidle Ghost... Be sure to spread the word and come cuz its gonna be one hell of a show guys.

Join Tara on Wednsday and Myself on Sunday of every week for a new installment! Contests, prizes, mass amounts of information and tons of laughs await these two days. Dont sleep on it! Peep Eye 2 Eye Radio!

Jun 7, 2012 - TPG:

Yea. 2 Dam months since an update. Lol, good reason for it to. Non stop recordin music videos, people left the label, new people have been added to the label, (Profiles will be up in 2 weeks) music has been uploaded and taken down, Abyss (now known as Fallen) is finally back,  the artist music video is 90% done, the prochronism video is 40% and the rest are 10% done, shows have been booked, shows have been liquidated, videos have been uploaded to the Eye 2 Eye Records Youtube and were at that time where were recording albums again. My username and password to upload updates to the site was tampered with by unknown dick heads ; or "hackers" as most people call them. Another big reason for the site's updates not being uploaded. But be sure to check the whole site! This is a MASSIVE update! Litterally, every single page has been updated.

Eye 2 Eye Records will be releasing 3 compilation albums this year. 1 for halloween (The Exhumed Tombz Compilation Volume 1), 1 for christmas (The Classic Christmas Cuts Compilation) and 1 for the Wtf Show Volume 1. On top of that we'll be releasing a cypher album (Untitled at the moment) in November. Can you guess when the others will be released? Lol

The Wtf Show Volume 1 is definitely coming this year. December 21st. Be ready cuz the shits turnin out dope as FUCK!

Starting this Sunday marks the 1st entry of many in the Eye 2 Eye Records Radio Archive. Be ready for it! Join Tara on Sunday and Wednsday every week for a new installment!

Apr 4, 2012 - TPG:

The video shoots have been going good. Albums are going up This Weekend,

This means everyone needs to promote harder than ever. Info for the 420 Show will be coming soon.

Please be patient, we are working on everything as fast as we can. New Content will be posted no later than 14th of April.

COMING UP SOON: (And more info on these will be posted soon as well)...

October 27th Eye 2 EYE FEST (Will be bigger than ever before so get ready)...
May Demo Release (Exact date n/a for now but will definitely be in May)...

Music Video Progress (8 of which are close to being finished)...

Prochronism For Me
Fuckin Shit Up
Make Me A Sandwich
Straight Ill
Fuck This Song For NBS
Party Started
Iím A Ho For Scope
Cops Roll UP
Nights Filled With Gun Shots For Dot Com
New Hell
I Canít Be Saved
Till Death Do You Suffer

And the other 3 For Regrets are being juggled.

Mar 19, 2012 - TPG:

Scope's Video Shoot Went Good, So Did The Cypher Shoot. Bombsquad's For The Family Shoot On May 31st, 3:30pm until 5:00pm.

We Need Anyone Who Can Sport Psychopathic, Sub Urban Noize Or Strange Music Merchandise. Dont Have Any? Dont Hesitate To Hit Me, David Cole, Jason Kanada, Chris Weaver Or Daniel Robertson Up. We Have Plenty.

Thats ICP, Twiztid, ABK, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Etc. Kottom Mouth Kings, Head PE, La Coka Nostra, Mickey Avalon, Potluck, Etc. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Prozak, Mayday, Big Scoob, Brotha Lynch Hung, Etc.

For Those Of You Who Need A Ride? There Will Be 4 Different Pick Up Points. Marley Station Mall, Brooklyn Park Middle School, Arundel Mills Mall And The Millersville Landfill. (I Know The Last One Is Horrible But Its A Place That Everybody Should Already Know How To Get To) Be At 1 Of Those Spots At 2:30 pm. We Will Be There At 2:30 To Pick Everybody Up. If Your Not There? No Ride. Sorry.

Here Is A Picture Of Everybody That Will Be Picking People Up.

Shootin Dot Com's Videos, Cops Roll Up (Features Kanada And Scope) And Nights Filled With Gun Shots (Features D.Z. Ray) Next Week. Along With B Rated's New Hell. Startin On April 28, 2012 We Will Be Filiming Scope's Other Music Video "Party Started." (Features The Pedicidle Ghost And Scope) A Day In The Life Of Buck Episodes Coming Back In 2 Weeks. Got Another Video Editor, Scott Hansford.

I Just Wanted To Personally Give A Special Thanks To Kimmy Wilder, Rikki Campbell, Scotty Crandall, Keener, Scope, D.Z. Ray, Abyss, Patricia Wolf, C4, Maverick And Of Course Dan Houser 82. Yall Are Kickin Ass With The Label Are Some Kick Ass Family And Friends. PLEASE Keep Up The Good Work! :)

(Thats If For Now. Lol, There's ALOT More I Wanted To Put But Yea.)

Feb 26, 2012 - DH82:

Hey you, yeah, fuckface! Dan again. Updated everyone's profiles. Check it.

If anyone wants any wording or photos to be swapped out, Email me directly with the file or link.

Or suck my balls. Both are equally rewarding options.

If you're selling beats through the site you need to set up a PayPal account. I can't make a page to sell shit when there is no where for the $ to go.

Unless you all have owls that you can trust to pick up and deliver your money without stopping at a strip joint in between to smoke owl-crack.

Personally I don't trust owls. They're all whores.

Feb 23, 2012 - TPG:

Christ On A Sandwich! Its Been 2 Dam Weeks Since I Updated This... :/ Im Really Sorry Guys But We Are SERIOUSLY Gettin Shit Movin. Got 7 Episodes Of "A Day In The Life Of Buck" Recorded Now, 3 Episodes Of "Randomocity," 4 Episodes Of "Party Vidz" And 3 Episodes Of "Ghost Chasers." Yea. Also Started On My "Prochronism" Music Video And Am 75% Done My "Artist" Music Video. All The Albums Are Mixed And Were Startin To Record Dot Com's "Sit So High" Video This Weekend, Along With Bombsquad's "For The Family" Video, The "CyphER" Video And Last But Not Least Some Interviews With The Whole Crew! In June? We Will ALL Be Hittin The Studio Once Again. But In The Mean Time? Sit Back, Chilax And Give It About A Week. We Will Have A FUCK Ton Of New Videos Up. Seriously. Wanted To Take The Time To Thank My Brother For The New Layout And The Update You Put Up For Everybody. The Layout Is FUCKIN SEXY! Thank Ya Main! Lol, Soon We'll Have Our Guest Book, Our Videos Page Back Up And For Anyone Lookin To Buy Beats? We'll Have A Page Strictly For It. Me, D.Z. Ray And DJ FaLLOuT Will Be Puttin Beats Up Every Week. So Yea.

New video! The Eye 2 Eye Records Youtube? Has Over 12,500 Plays. WE LOVE YALL! LAUGHING CORPSES, REPRESENT!

Feb 14, 2012 - DH82:

Dan here. Happy VTD! No not Valentines Day, but "venereal testing day".

Here is some disease from my penis that I sploodged up at the screen that, with the power of love, morphed into a really awesome new site design.

Love does amazing things to my penis. Notice the blood.

Feb 9, 2012 - TPG:

In The Midst Of Everything Goin On, Im Tryna Teach Antonio How To  Video Edit The Skits From Now. Since He Lives Right Down The Street, Shitll Make Things A Hell Of A Lot More Efficient. That Will Take A Huge Chunk Of BS Off My Shoulders So We Can Worry About Bigger And Better Things. Like Shows, Merch, Tits, Ya Know. Lol, The Usual. Got 3 New Episodes Of A Day In The Life Of Buck Ready To Edit And Upload. We'll Be Tossing Around New Idea's For A New Skits Show Cuz Arguing With Antonio Was A Floppy Cock. :/ The 3 Last Samplers Will Be Up Online Within The Week Along With Scope's Profile. This Weekend? Startin To Record My Music Video "Artist," Scope's "Party Started," "The Cypher," A Couple Episodes Of "Ghost Chasers" AND Some More Episodes Of "A Day In The Life Of Buck." This Weekend? Is Jam Packed With Recording. Obviously. Lol, Eye 2 Eye Is On Our A Game Man. Seriously.

I Still Gotta Record And Edit The Rest Of A Day In The Life Of Buck, Ghost Chasers, Randomocity, The Music Videos, The Commercials, The Trailers And The Interviews...

Scope's Sampler Is Up!

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