Although we crossed paths many times, we never really became friends. We'd say what's up, talk whenever we ran into each other, but never hung out. We went to
the same schools, rode the same buses, even dated the same girl 5 houses down.

I regret not getting to know him better. I realized how much we had in common in late 2008, and we started talking about projects we could work on together. From
there we started making plans, but none came to be.

I knew him for a good 15 years, but never knew him the way his friends and family knew him.

I feel as if great things could have came out of that friendship.

In the recent years, I've had family members, friends I've known all my life, die. But for some reason, when Mike left, I felt the heaviest sadness I've felt of all. For
what could have become, for what I let go to waste, and for letting him down, all those years.

So this is my way of showing you Mike. I see you man. You were a good dude. You won't be forgotten.